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Our Firm

Nippon Gokin was formed by Ahilesh & KG Raj with a vision to bring advanced Japanese alloys direct to your doorstep. Japan has a long tradition of producing the finest steel swords. This explicit metallurgical know-how has passed on to the major steel producers of industrial Japan. 
SS sheets is fine grain stainless steel
Nippon Gokin has formed close alliances directly with these steel mills. We keep an extensive range of fine grain stainless steel, nickel and aluminum sheets. We are also continuously working with the mills to develop specific alloys for your very specific needs. We have a state of the art warehousing facility in Selangor where huge stocks of material is stored. Our concept is that there is no order small enough for us to accept. 
SS sheets is fine grain stainless steel
As founder Ahilesh brings 20 years of SMT stencil fabrication experience while KG Raj has more than 35 years of experience in logistics and customer development. We strive to work closely with customers to understand your very specific needs and respond to them in a timely and professional manner. We are always available to serve our customers, may they be big or small. And no matter how big or small your order or inquiry is. 
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