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Fine Grain Microstructure FGM


This advanced fine grain stainless steel material was created specially with a finer molecular structure to address the needs of stencils created for fine pitch components. Advantage includes reducing burrs thus increasing paste transfer efficiency.



SS sheets is fine grain stainless steel

Special Alloys


​We can also supply specific alloys for special applications. Nickel, Invar and Kovar alloys can be specially requested. Please contact us for more information.

SS sheets is fine grain stainless steel

Semi Fine Grain Microstructure SFGM

SS sheets is fine grain stainless

Nippon Ginko's SFGM is a semi fine grain material which is designed for advanced stencils used in the SMT and etching industry. This unique semi fine grain stainless steel alloy was developed as an alternative to traditional SUS304 used to make stencils.


Aluminum Sheets


Aluminum sheets ranging from 0.5mm to 4mm can be kept in stock. Manufacture of glue stencils and clinched stencils by milling can utilize these materials.

SS sheets is fine grain stainless steel

Dual Phase Steel

Rather than a material with increased strength by cold rolling, such as austenitic stainless steel, DPS is a product with increased strength by heat treatment in a multi-phase process to adjust the chemical composition. 

Laser Consumables


We also stock a variety of laser consumables like laser lamps, mesh, epoxies and laser cutting protection oils. 

SS sheets is fine grain stainless steel

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